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Father Sun (Taxi Driver 2016)

   Spiritual approaches suspended in between Folk/Drone/Ambient and Psychedelic emotions as well as memories to meditations as predominant onlookers to thus inner-journey connections by desire of musical hummed sounds or noises led in the making by Marco Paddeu’s solo-project conceive of distant slow tunes as Morgengruss extracting this self-titled release debut full length as your experimental Folk-Rock Electronic funding elements of feelings sorrow or reflected past-mirrored times where regrets conquers through the future of elimination from all basic humanity needs or demands possibly lifting us up higher in new existence as To An Isle in The Water, Apparent Motion, Like Waves Under The Skin onto River’s Call relieving the revealing formats over Hope isn’t really gone ashtray and vanished but always be there around somewhere on the corner after wounded badly and recovers.