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False Heavens (Moribund Records 2008)

   Anti-humanity, worshiping the darkness, hate and evil things off Dalarna- Sweden; the Atmospheric Black Metal group (or duo) Avsky didn’t care too much about the quality of their recordings as the blasphemous sounds erupts out in a deep darkened blasts through the performance of AE on guitars, bass, vocals and TO did the vocals/drums – one shall be approved that this kind of sick target of violent art in Extreme Music already reaching its golden age after several years of the rising of new sun over our millennium time-lapse happens, the mixing of Classic raw Black Metal, Drone distorted guitars, haunting creepy scream vocals or the doomy effects caught in every single songs Avsky had been written and produced on the album of Malignant. CleanseThe World, The Filth, Like Poison to Fuck Your Values Fuck Your Beliefs did well for bothering the churches – alerting them that the real threat and terror is real this decade !