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Etasthesie Eabelia (Abstraktens Produktions 2009)


   So the real name should be Lyktwasst but for the global world that should be just as simple as Life’s Decay. The Paris/France based group project that completes by the figures behind it over the musical from acoustic guitar, violin, bass and organ to drums through visual artworks, photography, videos as well as sounds compositions recording to promotion and distributed as track-lists or titles with Alea for the feminine voices, cello, harmonica, carillon to xylophone and experimental sounds bring their blending combinations of Alternative Ambient as well as Dark Folk to French-Pop resemblance towards martial Industrial and Neo-Classical and Post-Punk carried by thus choir of sorrowful scares and parts of complete aggressive instrument- additions officially for Life’s Decay recording named Dysrieuses that sounding like solitude world of the soul eater for popular culture without colors but as entertaining as eerie feels that the atmosphere there generalized the public views on digging invention onto chimes or presence of various objects as organ to strings and poetic goes possible experimenting eclectic original fits for thrilling suspense movies soundtrack like the twin-peaks series similarity. One with the audience craving more fearful themes oddities via Sulvisyan, Emerance, Iristhetique, Etesse, Exalyne, Evarestique and Inkerosa – dealt with the sinner’s activities being done by most of the former of god’s children manipulating themselves to break free from the both modern and religious lives of fake.