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Estrella Apophis (Not On Label 2015)

   Lady in blue dress radiates her natural gorgeousness and the life did something terrible towards her as thus dynamic performance of heavy Thrash-influenced meeting the Classical orchestral dramatic and energetic for listeners and the loud earthquaking explosions like the one that drowning island of atlantis in one night sending our beloved female singer thrown to the deep watery grave as mournful cello trying to fight the double kicks and soaring vocals of female ghastly spirit of these Brisbane liking legendary names like Nightwish, Epica, Megadeth to Arch Enemy and Testament and Dimmu Borgir as their inspirations affecting a little bit too much about how on earth Sam Wolstenholme (lead vocals), Raouf Araji on guitars, Michael Gill on bass, Trystan Jongejan on drums and Nicholas Wilson on keyboards gave away their sensation on Progressive powerful style as five-piece harvest-tuning Dark Symphonica with almost Pop-sensibility contrasted to the riff-age guitar on ferocious to stirring piano or ethereal harmonies storming the stereo representing Australian extreme metallic scene for Immersion to shines the sixty minutes journey on drowning with the transparent jellyfishes like creature and suspended death reappearing after the music stops.

Favorable tunes for you: Farewell, Envy, Chains of Misfortune and Set Me Free.