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Ersatz Gaze ( Bandcamp 2018)

   Post-Industrial and Goth-maneuvers from Fade Kainer and Denman C Anderson as the members of this duo Statiqbloom brings us their Post-Industrial Electro passion onto the next levels as the Brooklyn, New York releasing extended play upon Infinite Spectre blows the bitter of outer space and dimensions splitting models serving high quality but extreme temperance following the sixth tracks available through Intro, Thin Hidden Hand, Survival II and Vampire until Outro catches the bursts splattering tempos and nimbus clouded heaven tunes and mechanics hotter temperature by the group. 

You will feel the rusting colored paste by effects - finally, after the beats faded, fucker-heads ! 

PS. Beware of more Industrial dangerous zone magnifying and expands to your daily living area near you ...

Infinite Spectre: