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Equator (Independent 2013)

Melodic Hardcore meets Alternative Rock quartet out of United Kingdom and clearly, creative for mixing their extreme sounds with more amounts off Rap-Metal and Rock-Rap session as the basic influences may be taken out from the likes for Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine or NY HC scene as varying ranges between aggressiveness and Punk-Hardcore choice on those whom less-knowing about this group – Surveillance now can crank out their music through this presentation as well their big shout goes to the funder of it all Jamie Lambert and the gigging heavily as criticism much appreciated as well as their protesting lyrics in screaming that captures some of the highlights on The Turning Point and the greedy gold-digging acts in reverse blown by Explicit Beauty, Life Perfected and Bite Your Tongue; deserves the head-bangers. \

As lucks gone out ...

The Turning Point: