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Epilogue 01:21 (Vulture Cult 2018)

   Portland’s Baltimore Black Metal extremists fueled the mutual desecration and presents of order by occult skull of beat burning offerings as Psych-punk side project stated for Cemetery Piss as Adam Savage on vocals cloned his new recording release makers with Tyler Holcroft for all basses to Josh Gilman the drummer or Dirck Ober for the guitars as well as additional of Derrick Hans on drums and Rebecca Chernoff on bass; putting their nasty uglier minimal recording on Raise The Curtain/Severance proving that Hardcore-Punk, metallic distortions and Progressive Death Metal fusion for (Jerry’s Kids on four minutes and ten seconds or three minutes and nine seconds related to the false prayers to the non-stop morning times worshiping mother Mary – the queen in heaven but forgot to take away the mirror constantly, believes to be an entrance envy of another dimension to crossing mankind’s realm. 

The band really sounding dark and depression … 

Raise The Curtain/Severance: