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Emily Birthday Party (A Different Drum 2010)

   Mysterious dreamy Synth-Pop haunting harmonies going out and suddenly, sparks some of those concerns about the safety for you in this life as this type of darker music melodies and good gorgeous singing professional available via the works off Goth Music bled out to Rock as gloomy and morose finding self inside the attachment among the dead within The Unquiet Grave like atmospheric eerie feelings and noises from Melbourne, Australia releasing by Alien Skin leading role man George Pappas not trying to be the next Peter Gabriel but he is sounded a like romantic and poisonously sweet in melodies a little bit and this second recording Darkwave and a serious statue of goddess titan opening her eyes for making the justice imbalance may disturbing the dead to rise again ? Not too sure really but when one already listening over This isolation, History, Love, Cold to Dirty Kisses (A Vampire Love Story) or After The Funeral grows more concerning about what happened next in the after-life catches most of the people decided to hanged themselves sooner before the closing time stops counting.

The Unquiet Grave: