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Emanuel Desperado (Independent 2017)

   Homegrown adding musical in shades or layers combinations over Alternative Folk-Country and Americana rocking indie tunes recording sessions that continues to challenge their orders in usual roots taken-music ready to giving additional instruments or overdubs with Julian Falck the lead vocals/guitar/drums covering the front stage while Anders Christensen leading the vocals as well playing guitar; bassist Simon Dyhr to keyboardist Lasse Storgaard and Jens Stoklund for drumming certain in keeping their balance as Stranger The Horse band holding the red flower and giving the public their – Play It On The Tannoys recording as taking inspirations from Ry Cooder, Neil Young, The Flaming Lips and resulting thus eight tracks like the Bossa-Nova on Indie-Pop collective upon Back Round, I Am War, In Spcae We Keep onto Closer To The Bend or During Half Sleep or featuring the sweeter voice from Sara Grabow proving the Copenhagen boys – a worth listening momentary pointed on to this !

Play It On The Tannoys: