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Eliminators (Giallo Disco 2017)

WLDV did stands for the acronym for We Love Dolce Vita formed by Bilbao’s DJ and producers duet: Giorgio Verona and Gionata Ecclesia alias Nathan Church writing the themes for the night in terrors as Techno Electronic of Synth-Pop and Nu-Disco over the EP release in Retribution close-calling for the all to see as the audiences witnessing the steps by steps murderous psychotic figure mysteriously going nearby the remote farming ranch area by the order of revenge or suicidal or even raiding robbers – who the hell really knows the motives but Blind Dead to Don’t Try as being ended on Millennium did tells the effects of those giant moonlight really affecting the Syzygy genomes differently on life-forms especially killer human to eradicates others as the instrumental tunes on turn having no feelings to force the slasher go in and do what he needs to do perfectly for bloodbath. The knife is sharpened and the victims felt asleep like a log.