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Dusilong Plunk (Not On Label 2014)

   For the local independent scene on Bangkok, Thailand – these three Indie-Pop and Surf-sixties tinged era sounds project forming by the members: Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya on drums/vocals, Piyamas Muenprasertdee for bass/vocals and Pimporn Metchanun on guitars/vocals brought the Yellow Fang as their skinny coolest musical affections for years until today – playing through local/national venues and festivals as they’re singing the birdsong’s harmonies within the self-arranging songs and lyrics written in the making for the band’s latest debut finally, being released through The Greatest which may looking like a compilation but foremost to the entering Shoegaze/Surf-Pop and Indie Rock sounds the package has no denial but sounded really sweet and simple with a featuring of GeneMahasamut ordering people to loving the trio as the cooler musical staging being brought to front by the displays off MMPK, I’m a Feeder, Selfish, Valentinos, Unreal onto True Blue while the curious guys observing the cute looking faces of thus girls rocking the calm show under the glimmer spotlight …

The Greatest: