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Doomtech (Closed Casket Activities 2018)

   Experimental amok running troops of Boston, Massachusetts featuring the formation of guitarist Josh and Jeremy, bassist Jon, drummer Matt and Anthony on lead vocals; blending their Hardcore-metallic sounds with some kinds of Industrial techno tempos in craze as Vein (the band) becomes one of those underrated groups ever existing there and releasing this great album – Errorzone brought those bursts and firing flashes slamming tension  within Ribirth Protocol, Broken Glass Complexion, Demise Automation, End Eternal and Quitting Infinity as plural and intense as mixed unique meets brutal of Alternative Metal fusion back then but this time being served to the next genre of cell-phones, selfies and  instant internet like the Anesthesia injection – deadly and fast to send you to the metal-infestation entorturement surgery experiment’s alarms for apocalypse by realm quickly over Virus://Vibrance!