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Divinorum (United Dimensions. Inc 2008)

It’s Nederland, Colorado in United State – the place that spawning this Death Metal/Grindcore and Psychedelic metallic Death-Rock later which Skeleton of God wrote their themes track-lists and lyrics based on the influences off esotericism, psychoses onto sex and death within only actual two members continuing to make extreme kinds of music from Erik Stenflo on drums to Jeff Kahn on vocals/guitars saying R.I.P for their bass-player Joel DiPietro farther after this releasing for Primordial Dominion records showed that alien-female creature not really humanistic as she looks but the fans of Cephalic Carnage or Sleep would love to hearing more Progressive Metal tuning through thus extremities blasting the Denver and surroundings within huge doses mind-bending passages to severe attacks of Death Metal grinding bursting Tentacle Gears, Cerebral Viper, Dawn of Dimension onto Dark Energy and Shepherdess and Tribunal shall beheading you before you knew that you has been lure to having galaxy sexual intercourse before being eaten by the female blue-alien.

Primordial Dominion: