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Distress Damsel (Bandcamp 2018)

   Got the best one ever taken from the group of Thessaloniki, Greece Electronic Music scenery known as Technolorgy with Dav 1d on vocals and Lau the keyboards/programming comprised their total music mixtures for EBM, Future-Pop and Synth-Industrial Electro releasing several good albums but had this second recording of Dying Stars (Recreated) once after a while and continues to shock your existence in musical manufacturing by men’s realm ideas which converted to these remixes and alternate-versions as well puts some bonuses superlatives provided counterparts introducing even the guest vocals of Maria of Aftereffect served like normal semi-commercial meets mystic sounds dilated music performance by the Techno-Industrial management crossing the universe knowledge foretold tales in piano plays, blasting beats or sweeter soften grooving vibes of Future-Pop taken from Crestfallen (Rotersand Rework), Celestial (Chainreactor Remix), 23 (Club Mix) and Light In Darkness (A Burning Piano Version) exploring the limitless void space as some might said it is but other whom had been on the edge of it tells us about the limit of hidden secrets opening new doors to another dimensions. 

Dying Star Recreated: