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Disease Thunder (Cobra Records 1986)

As Danielle Draconis on lead vocals, Cynthia Taylor the guitarist, Darlene Destructo on drums and Pandora Fox (bass) forming their all-female Power Speed Heavy Metal unit in Long Island – New York writing their basic themed over demons and sex offending acts; you probably, won’t really assure that this band could playing pretty harder than just a safer Pop-Rock groups on the eighties era music realm. 

Original Sin releasing the one and only record they’re ever did in US history time of rocks - but the audience would have plenty good head-banging minutes following these female rock-heads exploiting themselves in general techniques doing metallic tracks on Sin Will Find You Out as sexy as the creepy hooker finally tracing you since the day you have sinned that gloomy night through the banging songs like The Curse, Conjuration of The Watcher, Bitches From hell, A Slice of Finger and To The Devil a Daughter memorizing us that female form is not weak at all – sometimes they’re know the right things on torturing yours forever like Succubus entity doing thrashy metal bombings. 

Sin Will Find You Out: