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Diagnosis Repulse (Phantasma Disques 2012)

The media won’t ever recognizing whose behind the aliases of Jenova Offspring or Demongsay or Powwoww not just because the man with his purple hair specifically covering his face with the jacket. 

Album number II from this project solo that comparable to Witch-House ethereal humming and disturbing noises from San Jose area may returning your headache like last night after the bad days activities in Acid Techno Electronic broom-sounds like a broken machinery down your uncle’s basement. 

Androgynous figure of a bald female whether it is robots or organic must not spoiling the truth about instrumental works kinds of music that spreading creepy feelings and fear of the dark matters as Cosmotropia de Xam fills in the artworks for CDR II as the project later cancelled. Don’t bother listening onto Secret Black or Please Stop It Hurts or Uwanna fuK as well as others because you will get such a messy moments after that and go nuts. 

Don’t try this, don’t. Just listen to Darkwave and Synth-Pop …