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Dense 03:50 (Independent 2017)

   Intro (Welcome To Blindwich Valley) over four minutes and twenty-nine seconds really placing the reality of true horrors related to the someplace with little valley rounded by dark woods; a very unspeakable and mysterious that people afraid to share even the church left behind as darkness secrecy down there makes all the inverted crucifix and possessing demons to weaken persons happening every time with the album dedicated to be as a tribute for Carpenter Brut and sounding similar to your Blair Witch Project recording noises and samples. Electronic Darkwave and Synth-Horror noticeable for the fanatic fans and non-commercial explorer listening heads as Masked put this EP – Welcome To Blindwich Valley lifting the shocking views and sounds displays on being lost inside the wilderness for instrumentals or spoken samplings within those red-hooded flatten faced followers loving on videogames/ old school movies and Cyber-Punk futuristic vibes from Buenos Aires rounded out the bleeder session onto A Killer In The Woods, Let Me In, Revelations and I Don’t Gonna Let It [bonus track] that ends after five minutes and forty-seven seconds sceneries trying to Escape off the vision’s booby-traps and find the way back to civilization. 

Welcome To Blindwich Valley EP: