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Deathkill (NoiTekk 2006)

Outlets as those working album debut empowered eruptions for high-toned beats, bashing tempos quite not friendly to hear and the haunting instrumental electronic as creative and horrific formed by names like Alan Smith, Daniel Gant, Edwin Alter and Scott Denman experimenting their sent out scrapping demo records but simultaneously, programming the talents involves thus heavily darken basic machine music and Techno-Rock blaster sounds with cooperative led synthesizers and keyboards; giving the addictive dead people more tablets and pills to easing the pain that torturing them since the beginning of their addiction times. 

To Be Fed Upon was Die Sektor bursting beats music all the way through EBM-Industrial crushing themes as their written horrific titles via Mother Hunger, Follow The Screams, All Turn White, Prey To The Razor, When porcelain Bleeds and Revelation None may causing too much damage to your living room and your parents front yard stone statue suffering vandalism amok from the fans getting insane for listening this dark album. 

To Be Fed Upon Again: