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Da Zone Back In (King Kong Holding Company 2009)

   Ever heard something related to Ramson Badbonez lately ? Seeing any Rapper from the UK wears his skeleton mask on the fucking stage before ? So, meet the infamous Highbury discovered at the age of 14 thanks to Task Force the Hip-Hop godfather leaning the path crossing in many more ways for him culture-titled out as Rap game MC’s for rhyming machine or breathing Rap-Music ever since with stellar performance and exploding itches clique-blows as semi-legendary in slow steps but surely, will be somewhat few really knows about and interacts but Ramson Badbonez would becoming your role model for being honest, converted to the street-life solidified for not leaving fans and possibly, high rated maintaining as untouchable, pure raw and unadulterated as rapid flows of lyrics sounding awesome portraying the gutter without dipping into clich├ęs on the releasing time-bomb for young generation for learning more about the real truth in Tales From The Staircase: Chapter 1 where the ghost-writer wrote the best thing of being dangerous like Hip-Hop by living not too perverted horrific but never gone soft either means these thirteen songs alike Death Iz in D Air, Who Dares to Compare, Want U back, Black Widow, Ladidada, When I’m Strollin’ or Kill Sumbody and Fashion 4 Da Young protesting the generic community property that slaughtering freedom of speech and replacing it with planted bombs, riots, economy collapsing, building collapsing, high prices making us mad and secret experiments to take over the world is almost final !

Tales From The Staircase Chapter 1: