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Crash Rachet (Independent 2018)

   Speaking about funny shitty or just silly thing on experimental music should adding The Notorious P.A.G.A.N whom telling the listeners on hailing themselves from parts unknown or don’t hunt what you can’t kill maybe related to the commentary around your fear of nuclear war, the likes favorite on Mario Bros gaming onto the choice there only to letting yourself entering Kampground Drama which literary is the recording experience off this satanic ritual moments material-recording on hook fits for those lonely people with hidden anger or nothing else to do while watching your freaking neighbor bullying you out from fast cars, good looking bodies and perfect friends as the ‘re laughing on your back while you wanted is a payback just like this production mixtures for Alien Jazz, Crunk Electronic and Boston’s neverminding narcissism on fake news plague-ing the damn world as antidote for stupidities or in other cases – legalized prostitution so lesser raping on kids won’t exists ideas – probably, might sounded creepy dumb alike these products of songs on I Could Beat Tommy Lee Jones in a Knife Fight, Martha Moxley and Jose, Zika Virus Propaganda Video, Primordial Orion Wormhole, Street Fight in The Publix Lot, Dark Plasma onto T.B.C and Pissing Up a Rope gives Hip-Hop a brand new perspective to kill people without a real cause. 

Kampground Drama: