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Courting Boast (Bandcamp 2015)

   Czech Republic offering unit from Brno that showing to the world that they’re also having those type of variety in metallic rocking music too by the scene as healthy as funky play by Silent Forms crew; consisting for their influences out of Extreme, Van Halen, Porcupine Tree to Toto and 90’s Progressive Rock plus Funk grooves with Martin Behal on drums and Acid on guitars/vocals looking further to completed their formation having bassist Lukas Kura to Mikke Wormwood on vocals/piano/sitar whose sounding related to the more grungier side of Pearl Jam or Seattle Sound rocks as Silent Forms releasing this automatic recording composed all by themselves – Natural Background on having the ideas on story-telling of a kid time-traveler seeing the new vision about modern future city build but the plants must die and almost extinct – gives him a sour face look. The great bass-line coverage; soloist melodic onto good vocals growing within thus listed tracks like Rain Over Me, Sigiriya, Enslaved, It’s Not The Game, Evil Axis, My Bacon Bride to Mr. Wormwood or Barkmachine, little less more telling us the news on A.I to sci-fi dreams escaping to reality and destroying the soil for building civilizations that costs everything precious.

Too damn late before one thinking it’s too damn late ! 

Natural Background: