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County Galway 1892 (MCA 1992)

   When it goes for a romantic story one cannot avoiding to seek it through the love-romance drama adventure tales setting back in Ireland of the near beginning of the newer century as the burned down house on an unpaid rent which killed a father of Joseph Donnelly by the landlord Mr. Christie that sends young Donnelly on a fail mission of avenged being rescued by the christie family with the rebel only daughter Shannon nursing him, hates family tradition and plans to aboard ship to the free land America asking Joseph to accompanied her as a servant of the single woman with refusal from Joseph continues the story of a duel between Joseph and the foreman Stephen Chase declaring of his denying of evictions to many tenant farmers under his management with almost begin to shot Joseph before Shannon dashed the horse rescuing the poor man whose later on approves to go with her across the atlantic. Far & Away is kind of dreamy tales with perfect figures and characterized plot which willingly to drag the audience for everlasting movie watch until the finish; led by great role starring the couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman within Ron Howard directing and John Williams’ Folkish-popular and traditional Irish music-score composing features The Fighting Donnellys, Leaving Home, Blowing Off Steam, Am I Beautiful ?, Shannon is Shot, Oklahoma Territory and many more through their new world adventure stories as they met Mr. McGuire told about the race for free land owned by themselves once people go by trains to Oklahoma before begin their one day claiming stakes but Shannon silver spoon for the expenses to the trip valuably lost with McGuire being shot and mugged on their way to the seller shop leaving them broke in Boston. Introduction to the Boston ward boss Mike Kelly luckily gave Joseph and Shannon jobs and shelter sharing one room as the infamous Joseph rushing in to the boxing match club knocks off the opponent very quick and sooner turning local heroes as making money out of it seems to get easier for him since while Shannon have to works for the chicken plucking dirty place. Decided to make more easy money by becoming one of the sexy burlesque dancers in Kelly’s club while busy forcing her to stop and fights on the same time, Joseph noticing member of city council groping Shannon and another fight erupts outside the ring as crowds cheering and tossed him in back the Italian opponent knock Joseph forever – out from Kelly’s club without any money on the cold street. 
   The couple finds their way in to an abandoned house where for a moment they can pretending that their owing the house but as the owner return, shot Shannon on the back  give Joseph no chance but saving her return to her family whose looking for her in Boston while the man decided to heading west The Ozarks mountain trailways project working there but suddenly, desiring back to owning his dream own land wile seeing wagons rushing out to Oklahoma. There not only meeting Shannon and her family again but as well Stephen Chase threatening him for not getting ever close to Shannon again or be killed in one single momentum for everyone there for racing and claiming their lands as vast prairie and landscapes forming in front on them. Using untamed horse he can find Joseph eagerly pacing his rides to the perfect land rush points he desires the most while Chase illegally cheated for his own as then later fight breaks between them over the flag and the land and Shannon’s love whose finally, won by Joseph in his advisory hard working attempts manage to reclaiming their dreams back with prizes in the new continent.