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Contritrion (Independent 2017)

   Presenting the melodic Gothic Doom Metal offerings from their pit of silent rage missions off Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as being symbolizing on the mysterious co-working and force clinging on only the duet performance hailing this great collections of milder mid-tempo confusion artistic of Am on drums and LM on vocals/guitars fits their basic ideology praising the future and the presence as just as much the pasts connection ideas from Friedrich Nietzsche in For A Black Tomorrow portraying Deathwhite’s grey visions into the paintings old cursed tree up the lonely hills believed by the locals to be devastated as spreading more bad lucks to whom trying to cutting down the thing since the beginning of when that thing turning into a tree and dried out by the black dark magic spells dwelling the soil underneath it or some might say the story about the portal to the deader world but besides that – the band’s awesome almost popular/glamour and interesting music may causing more listeners to liking them in advance while the search behind what lies out of the darkness answered by the dimension reflections that you found in mystery.

Poisoned, The Grace of The Dark, Dreaming In Inverse, Death and The Master or Prison of Thought led the way off thus groovy melodies to harmonic metallian tinged magic marches via the grey-area where death might infected the living in your Eden to shreds. 

PS. Really good vibes and perfect vocals not for exaggerating things that has been brought quietly, by Gothic Doom standard chartered. 

For A Black Tomorrow: