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Condor Radio (Lay Bare Recordings 2015)

   From Horror City to relapsing himself into this project solo where Chino Burga doing his own performance alone and private as ideas coming out and bursts onto arrangement on sounds while guitars, vocals and drone to loops performed all by him representing these non-located existence of 3AM project inside the deep black space brought its influences taken from Suicide, The Stooges and Joy Division’s monotonous depressing beats with no budget at all but D.I.Y not because he can’t but because he can doing this and the man himself encouraging everyone to do the same thing like yours and for your own sake. Echoed Post-Punk and Electro Psychedelic and Shoegaze or Space Rock meantions and blended for one reason or purposes only and it’s not about the fucking fame or money. This Lima, Peruvian local musician-head knows how to becoming pioneer among the zero audience sending his Transmissions everywhere to reach and not trying to spread confusion among men. He just simply wants to break-free from boring routines for being idealistic creative and makes songs like Rocks, A Minute, Flying Low, UHF and You’re Never Gonna Bring Me Down really sounded like the lost tape of Iggy Pop performing for Joy Division’s funeral ceremony. Punk, modern and fully depressive to re-creates !