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Concatenation: Hologram (Big Pharma Records 2018)

   Put your imagination trusting the hardest improvisations project on solo acts influencing by as many various musical genre and formats like Power-Electronic, No Wave, Free Jazz, Math Rock onto Post-Hardcore and Drone-Ambient to Grindcore noises creating by Benjamin Joseph having his much aliases too from Noise Boys to Guts of a Virgin or Contraktor as you choose to find in your wasted time doing nothing at the internet surfing – browsed parts by parts or found the strange percussion-based in Solar Closure granting thus sci-fi and magnetic fields outer limit themed for the instrumental tracks of five talking fusion; collider or even the natural source making off the chemical collaboration as well as non-human feelings through Symptom Of Youth or In The Empire Where The Sun Never Sets/The Adjustment Pact and further goes in Decayed and Combined as The Universe Grows Colder giving the reasons of answer to those asking questions under the signs of distorting live metallic Progressive Rock and Lo-Fi Post-Rock confusions not to be deleted yet because its leaving crumbs of traces for the next advance technology to decoding the everlasting energy used to carries by the specimens or cargo ship crossing the galaxy of the unknown territory like Twin Towers reminding us as it did portraying the devastation, the tragedy and the solution that has been made by time and fate.

Solar Closure: