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Colovaginal Bowel Fluid (Lord of The Sick Recordings 2017)

   Slicing solos and fractal malevolent tempos internationally non-recognition but underground infamous as brutal for this Venezuelan moving to US soil troops of Death Metal brutality squads within their Agonal Breathing name; gory artworks cover like for example – in Pure Agony album and complied themselves onto lots of various extreme bands recording such as Violence of Mankind: Chapter III or Brutality Around the World Vol. 1 as sooner you will also knowing their “horrendous touches” leads by two figures of Luis Flores on all instruments to Brandon Smith on vocals kept their rotted and dried out female corpse which already becoming the band’s mutilated victim for a month; as death/gore/entorturement filling out the entire sickest game this group held in minds and reality as Pure Agony vomiting those unspeakable horrific terror and inhumanity acts towards other humans through Brutalized Esophageal Remains, Bile Soaked Phallus Fellatio, Hands Free Lobotomy onto Complete Testicular Emulsification or Transurethral Prostatectomy Impalement describing most of your unimaginable sights for flexible non-morality killing spree methods for experts. 

Pure Agony: