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Clones We’re All (Ankhor Records 2002)

   Thankfully, that there are still some tuning artists from the underground of Industrial Rock scene remembering to pay an attractive attention to Alice Cooper as their main influences figures that shapes the US shocker rocking society since the old days Mr. Cooper go on the stage and do what his capable to do best. Names like More Machine Than Man, Written In Ashes, Chris Connely to Acclimate or Nozfaction onto Loretta’s Doll representing their amalgam loyalties to this compilation of Various  - Mutation: A Tribute To Alice Cooper from the Electronic Rock and Industrial respects to the main American  Classic Rock pioneer through Alice’s tons of hits and hard rocking shocker numbers there being chosen to performs – Poison, Pain, Hey Stoopid or Hallowed Be My Name; Grim Faeries goes with Go To Hell, Texylvania for Under My Wheels or Victims In Ecstacy doing Welcome To My Nightmare as plenty more well-known legends classic on I’m Eighteen, I Love The Dead and Colt Ethyl onward rocks in different styles; leaving grim-feelings onto your freaky hearts after the shows over, folks !

Various - Mutation A Tribute To Alice Cooper: