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Clinging Thread (Independent 2007)

   Try not to imagining a black man rapping about the crippling sophomore lives after the methamphetamine addiction cases which wraps by the high sensibility on experimental sounds mix for Hip-Hop/Hardcore and triumph ultimately around sobriety with claws and fights to the end as struggles of a whitey man seems to lead the past to the future from the behind to the front row with nothing to lose anymore – here’s your causes and effects thoughts sharing by Knothead’s autobiographical hailed from Spokane, Washington and composing/produced and mixed the mastering records of Knothead’s Back 2.0 with special guests appearance in gain tempos. Either you would love how growling-voice of Korn changing their musical path a bit lower to Rap-Metal non hip volume would definitely, closer to this relation performance as official seven tracks bursts in beats of console medium Hip-Hop style you can depend on like the themed anthems written by himself not just for himself right there for non-judging but living on the start of the beginning by stories through Footsteps, O.P.N.E.T Blues 2.0, Straight Out of Hadlock 2.0 or Weight feat.

Maximus Rhyme in such various duration you liked on turning the scratching or riff-age volume beats up in bangs !