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Chin Check (744493 Records DK 2018)

   Depression, bi-polar disorder, mental flaws and anxiety over thus topics nobody wrote anymore lately – fills the entire resurgence release of this rax/raunchy heaviest riff-age focus made by the Connecticut’s five-piece crew of Death Metal/Deathcore members of Locked Out: Steven McCormack on vocals, Cody Cahill on drums, Anton Picchioni (bass) and double eliminatory shredders Mic Mower and Dale Tucker growling grinds under the EP furious branding on Dissocation as the featuring lonely girl getting sicker for not by possession only but also the society pressures demanding her to be either perfect like actress in the tube or just selling her body and soul to the wicked world means the only thing left is less freedom as human-being and weakness and such themes chosen to be bursting in vulgarity caught between Collateral Damage (ft. Daniel Burris of Gamma Sector), Burden, Dead End and Decimation. Pleasing those whom having the same condition struggling infinite as the band themselves not trying to sounded positive on seeing the point of views and destructible moments of disturbance, inhumanity and screaming/growled total by anger finishing the last revenge onto the healthy/lucky realm.

Dissocation EP: