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Chimeras Abyss (Not On Label 2014)

   Further sightings will making you fell in love for meeting these beauty gorgeous women musicians off Angel Nation crew being themselves a Modern Melodic Rock/Heavy Metal with Classical harmonies as Elina Siirala on vocals/keyboards, Julia B Cadau on bass guitar with their male counterparts team-mates Lucas Williamson on drums and Sonny Antoniou on guitars established the group from London, United Kingdom as the official attractions should be lies on the shoulders of our ethereal vocalist Elina for her twenty-first century challenge as the name of the group also spoken in Finnish as EnkeliNation at the beginning before turning to Angel Nation internationally, selling the images of the peeping beauty eye of a woman from the hole on the dimensional wall as the tales for the first efforts of the more contemporary Ms. Siirala studies to joined by friends playing local bars spent times to learning about the underworld territory of London dungeon metallic world, battling the beasts and struggles until this haunting operatic composing multitude influences and result works for eleven tracks in Tears Of Lust driven us the energetic, standard tempos over not necessarily, playing too extreme to be sounded Heavy Metal and Mika Jussila mastering or Mark Williams mixing produced those songs of magic mysteries and spiritual wisdom themed via Never Ending, Higher Ground, What Have You Become to Reborn, Chaneling and Lullaby and Last Time Together makes the realm of traditional and modern New Age-Folk and Symphonic Metal joining hands to the likes for Within Temptations – is these band for rivalries as mesmerizing right and bleeding sweeter if must. 

Tears Of Lust: