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Charred And Stale (Eternally Stoned Records 2016)

   Seven demonic Death Metal songs as the self-writing brutality towards how this supposed to be called a Boston’s weed-crazy parlor grinders for effectively, showing the spectrum of the new millennium fanatic fans for this kinds of extreme underground music fan-based reacting while kept focused onto the chaotic gory side as the monotonous drumming like hell, riffage blasts that would destroying your family room if you decided to turning on this recording from the band – Toke in Fifty Ton Nug with louder volume tonight as the slaying bass-tones or shredder solos scarring enough to be called killer music sounds with this.

Growler vocals and lesser-known group info would also giving the chance for underground music kept being huge for stay non-commercial as usual. 

The crushing elements and surprising effects that preserved well within the grinding sounds forwarded by the tracks like The Roach Collector, Purging The Wax and Raining Resin – regularly, telling us that the time of doomsday is upon us and the soundtrack blasts clearly ! 

Fifty Ton Nug: