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Chain Somebody Love (RCA 1990)

   Funk Rock band of America’s one pointed of the few betweens might goes to Mother’s Finest as Baby Jean, Dion Murdock, James Gary moore, Glann Murdock to Jerry Seay, John Hayes to Joyce Kennedy or Tracey Singleton have started their good efforts for making and written plenty materials and albums so far off somewhere on seventy-two but then; even the decade changes there’s no so much things that similar closed to the relation on Funk-Rock and Rn’B as well as Pop-Metal Funk that people don’t want to hear anymore because clubs kept stuck filled with this type of sounds and for their thirteen recording – Subluxation and its freaking heavier beats caller off Mother’s Finest still manage to show the world that the nineties loving them in old plus newer additions color like the front cover of traditional modern combines of a painted female soaring the tunes of grooves like Truth’ll Set You Free, Mandela Song, Mickey’s Monkey, Call me Mister, Cheap Shot onto Piece of The Rock and Baby Love put the group’s position like something back from the past to the future but precious to the listeners fans like a rare jewelry that money can really buy !