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Captain Schmegal’s March (Independent 2009)

   Kicking your questioning heads with pretension of Pop-Jazz, twisted signing of the distorted metallic fused within the characteristic on these low-profiled almost lesser-known group out of Austin – Texas naming themselves as Squidbucket sounded like a band-mixing from Celery City recording release and been influenced by everyone to everything mentioned as Jason Erwin along his various musicians which includes Kurt Rightler, Eric Brown, Trist’n Templeman or Marc April helping the man to build this ass-holes Psychedelic solo-project for “tejas” Alternative and Hard Rock progressive scenery in experimenting the sounds of the hunter hunting over more things to fill his greedy feelings but Funk-Metal formation furious caught much attention here for those whom love to seek the newer visionary leader like Squidbucket works on the listening. Pick either from Ole Pickelneck on about six minutes and eleven seconds or One Armed Bandit around thus four minutes and twenty-five seconds as even you still collecting some more event of performance like the reminder for Primus crazy shit via the eight minutes High Mark Water harmonic weirdness compels toward our flagstaff border missing linked and tracing none but u-turning tire-tracks for humble useless trip hearing for thus high quality techniques of mastery strangers. Freaking like a motherfucker unit this one !

Celery City: