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Canis Lupus (Twentieth Century Fox/Abkco 2009)

   Being based from children’s story book written by the legendary one Roald Dahl gets treated fully as then, Stop-Motion animated comedy film making and groundbreaking fun tales to watch with your family about Fantastic Mr. Fox released its flexible, honest, darky humour as well as good plotting started as how this fox cleverly kept stealing food each night from the three wealthy farmers whose wanted it to be dead, killed. Fox lied to his wife Felicity about him and his friends trying to make journalism news interview somewhere while stealing more things like squabs and leads Franklin Bean, Walter Boggis and Nathan Bunce plan to shot the fox and eliminated its family too following Mr. Fox to his lair hole and one time he got shot but luckily, only wounded his tail as forever, he will be tail-less but then – decided to digging the entire old tree tunnel and cut it down while excavator and more employees helping the farmers to hunt down Mr. Fox and his family and friends like Ash the son and nephew Kristofferson Silverfox as the lawyer Badger located them closer to the facilities of the farmers and planning for the avenging attack. Funny, not really suitable for little kids but fits for family watch is this good film having as well its good soundtrack by Various Artist (Original Soundtrack) Fantastic Mr. Fox starring George Clooney, Merryl Streep, Bill Murray or Owen Wilson. Ambushed while trying to breached the farming area as well as raising animals from the underground working their parts to succeeded Mr. Fox’s heroic and dangerous plan as the funny moment when they’re encountered the guard rabid dog turns to attacking the owner – the farmers and the rest of annihilating teams trapped inside the fortress warehouse with a mad dog; lending Mr. Fox and his family to saving Ash and gets their tunnels straight aiming for the supermarket so no more starving animals for the rest of their lives in the valley after that winning day for the launch of counter-attack or meeting the wild wolf near the mountain on their way back home escaping.

   Alexandre Desplat writing the opener American Empirical Pictures, The Mellomen had The Ballad of Davy Crockett, The Beach Boys remastered their song in Heroes And Villains to Burl Ives’ Fooba Wooba John onto Nancy Adams or Art Tatum and George Delerue performing Le Grand Choral, Night and Day (Live) and there’s also special performance too by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and The Rolling Stones for Street Fighting Man tunes. You shall not regret for having this time warmth laughs and suspense animated shows of these fine story coloring your television because windy blows and tunnel digging are really cool emerges like camp out the wilderness with friends and the love ones.