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Byrdgirl Forgot (Futureman Records 2018)

   Celebrating the Power-Pop music written and recorded and popularized by the one of nineties American Alternative Pop icon from Lincoln, Nebraska – Sidney Matthew Sweet has given a fine special notice for Altered Sweet – A tribute to Matthew Sweet by this Detroit, Michigan record label covered by mostly, lesser known artists and musicians and singers but the results sounded greatly fine and fun still like your old records of Pop Music being transform to Alternative Rock and through these twenty-seven tracks re-recording or verified by modern addition of better performance to manual productions making songs of Mr. Sweet like Not When I Need It, Falling, Looking At The Sun, Where You Get Love as well as further more play by Chris Richards & The Substractions on Someone To Pull The Trigger, Walk Out by Gretchen’s Wheel, Stabby Robot did We’re The Same as well as Stereo Tiger and Michael Carpenter and Phil Ajjarapu singing their version collective upon Everything Changes, Girlfriend – the smash radio hits single and I Thought I Knew You displaying some of the best next generation acclaiming inspiration from Matthew Sweet to the Indie Rock and Power-Pop blossoming society nowadays. Melodies calming the infusing anger and unlucky feelings to be cured as the time ticking to smile on the life of common people. 

Altered Sweet - A Tribute To Matthew Sweet: