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Burgermeister (Akromegalie Records 2018)

   Written and produced by Pete Flux as arranged by Parental means that this recording of the empathetic full length surely means that Pete Flux & Parental Hip-Hop enthralls significance over Infinite Growth developing the reciprocal artistic mature and course for emcee intercontinental duet-ing painted all the progress within manifestation of both individual enriched variety landscaping instrumentals or flowing rhythms over thus melodic guitars, piano onto chords serene auras drumming hits beater parade or multi-syllabic colors cascade scene on rhymes ideas coming out off switches flown for bigger musical micro-environment taste to the audience or fans through the gateway on guitars rolling, buzzing stab of horns and turnablism in skills introspects the modern living objective issues; by patterns to abstracting Jazz and Rap/Hip-Hop instrumentals or musique as thus verbal hooks exploring this collaboration for our easy vibes licking relaxes but either wiser or stronger onto MDs (feat. Epidemic), Revenge of The Pen, Feel (feat. Lex De Kalhex), Roll Call, Landmarks and 6:30 and What They Need after Scaling (feat. Paranom of Tragic Allies) and Counter (cuts by Venom) introductions which make the curiosity interests attending your stereo shining. 

Infinite Growth: