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Buckle Bunny (Rock Action Records 2016)

   Thru this sixth recording releases out of Xander Harris collections of the displaying Electronic balance onto colorful pyramids shaped and blocks being manages by the unseen powers to build the civilization crawling from the dark ages and primitive eras shining a new as the music broadcasting signals to the spiraled sounds written by Justin Sweatt over the combining for EBM/Grave-Wave/Synth-wave or Industrial/Disco patterns hails the creativity disturbance like this marking the unusual New Orleans – Louisiana type aspects in modern music project with California Chrome picked as the title. 
   Dark but non-swampy still scary to listening as facts as those eleven tracks plus bonuses being recorded at Collier House studio in Austin, TX which means a wider journey about and already taken by the record travelling everywhere as good artworks provides well by Nicolas Nadeau operating the systematic beat-spreader like can opener did to one’s brain for example and here Predator State, The Eye in The Triangle, Straight Up Satan, Nervous Serpents and Dirts connects the inland and the outskirts in pastel colors but lurking danger for avoiding the signature experiments of climax or beginners luck on pressing play to be lost in a geometric realm forever. 

California Chrome: