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Breakfast In Bed (Not On Label 2013)

   Holiday likes to coming back again within on the favorable course on Garage Psych-Pop and Psychedelic Surf Rock in between the range of this record being finished and mixture within Oakland, Ca to Sao Paulo, Brazil formatting on their ensemble of tons musicianship crew from trumpeter Patrick Doherty, Matt Lundquist for slide guitar, DA Humphrey on piano, bassist Bryant Dennison or Thomas Edler, Amber Gougis on vocals as well as Mike Fortes accompanying the duet of less popular group talking about the inner fruity core of the planet dearest in apple cherry and lemonade as Sugar Candy Mountain through their third recording recognitions via Mystic Hits and as the mysterious traveler of many luggage sitting and handling this marbled blue world; listening to the the gloomy, reacting cosmic to the indie parts soft distorts and echoed harmonies of the playing for Saudade Love, Echopraxia, Soak Up The City, Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit to Caroline Mountain and Cactus Dream making these reverberating tropicalia female voices and nostalgic sunset for the loving memory over any kinds of Phil Spector’s works and tripped frequencies may blasting in space-age chamber in the right pop-psychedelic could have. 

Mystic Hits: