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Blue Sea (Virgin Records 1985)

   The Highest High, Strength of Character, You Did Cut Me, Black Man Ray, Wall Of God onto King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up) really means or feel kinds of rebellious to the most contemporary tune lovers off the eighties New Wave popular sounds and China Crisis must be one of thus Liverpool’s finest crew in recognitions worldwide comprising for Gary Daly (vocals), Eddie Lundon (guitars), Brian McNeill (keyboards), Gazza Johnson (bass) and Kevin Wilkinson (drums) being the arty-stic Synth-Rock and Pop group glimmering the ambient-experiments over the most popular beats on being mechanically smarts but still celebrating humanity as the self-written tracks and song-lyrics on Flaunt The Imperfection and the uses of keyboards, synthesizers and live musical instruments brought the collaborations for dance-beats meet Pop-Reggae and more for you and friends to stepping down the floor and crazily following the sounds to partying and thinking as well about those themes characterized via Bigger The Punch I’m Feeling as well as The World Spins I’m Part Of It looks like trying to tell the entire generations at that time not to lending hand on hope and prayer but the strong will to be succeeded like the band collectively showing there. Sing along for Gift Of Freedom !

Flaunt The Imperfection: