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Blind Owl (Apple Records 1973)

   Love-able of one British Pop-bands in establish legends honoring their Swansea, Wales heritage which founded by Pete Ham (guitars, piano, vocals), Joey Molland (guitars, keyboards and vocals), Tom Evans (bass, vocals) as well as Mike Gibbins (drums) within their many aliases from The Dandy to The Pleasure Garden; would you loved to hearing their harmonic melodies sparks again by listening on the fourth recording (and remastered) of Ass from the early seventies era. It’s like god himself giving the giant carrot to the planet for a great savior donkey wearing the headphones had a good time on Badfinger best musical like The Beatles meeting Rod Stewart in short accident turning awesome for the vocals, the arrangements and the soft solos which non-contrary predicting how people liking the band pretty well much as The Winner, Icicles, Constitution, When I Say, Cowboy onto Apple Of My Eye and Get Away rest the case of why the first questions won’t have to be asking about Badfinger’s floss-rock intentions to proof.