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Black Hole Harvest (Independent 2016)

Got their darker Ambient and Doom-Metal atmospheric off the greater force like the works of Sunn O))) and out of this world basic experimental Drone formation in Avantgarde and neutral non-politics themed but ritualistic directs as single member Mateus Henrique from Sao Paulo, Brazil finally, had a companion later by Ean Lord became a duo in Black Sun Void. 

The Atmospheric Demon recording shows a funny drawing of signs and mimics by the structure and shapes uniting the lights and darker aspects as extremely complex through the six tunes of production etc. Listening to The Ethereal Wall, The Philosophy Of The Dark Sun or Ether of Suffocation may gets those audience slowly possessed by cult madness of the falling sky hidden and non-vocals ala modus-operandi being published. 

The Atmospheric Demon: