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Black Beauty Stranger (EastWest Records America 1994)

   Exactly, not really into kinds of Glam-Rock and Heavy Folk Metal type as Heart sisters or Joan Jett’s Blackhearts but this Memphis, TN group of mixed members bring their own original hometown roots paid to the love on Blues and Soul of the 60’s as clear revolving door kicking out the sounds from The Mother Station means good business today but not at their presence once in the early nineties where those “thicker music” didn’t meet the demands of how the generations wanted to hear more and more distortion or buzzing sounds of experiments like the Seattle sounds troops did pretty well to change the world’s Rock music interest poles to Alternative.
   One shall admitted that the powerhouse vocalist Susan Marshall is not only attractive in her blonde-curly hair but through her expression ranging voice needed more attention as well as the six-strings heroine of extra-ordinary on Gwin Spencer as well as keyboards player Paul Brown, bass player Michael Jaques to drummer Rick Shelton affiliates their affection to make a good deal recording with veteran producer Joe Hardy and Brand New Bag fits its spotlight to the entrance class of The Black Crowes and other Blues Rock genre or even Janis Joplin favorites before them and The Mother Station carries on their burdens and spirits of the Midwest south through some of those wiser lyrics through Fool For A Pretty Face, Somebody Else Will, Put The Blame On Me, Love Don’t Come Easy and Hearth Without A Home felt so American genuine rock/bluesy sounds broguth by the sophomore female hot vocals – one can’t seems to ask for more than this gorgeous album to the stereo on Sunday after church. 

Brand New Bag: