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Be Afraid Don’t (Digital World Audio 2014)

   Some of the military personnel whom used to guarding the facility of secret labs got infected by some kind of failure experiments there by the mad scientists turning Clutch, Efferus and Kold as the trio of soldier like troops to turning points themselves now making excessive disturbance musical performance as Nitro/Noise or Nitronoise (depends) and after the recording number one and two; the irresponsible Electronic Industrial and Techno/EBM crew project starting to record their third fusion on creepy/scary and terrifying lethal noises sound over these double discs releases with threats grow globally here divide into CD1: No Cure For Apocalypse and CD2: 10 Ways To Doomsday exploding their track-listed variation through the futuristic destruction levels coming like plague one by one: screaming about God Game, Cencorshit, Spit It Black, Don’t Be Afraid (Piano Rework), If We Stop Breeding (C-Lekktor Remix) and Want Some (Modulate Remix), The Revelation (FGFC820 Remix) and Unchained (Sidechained By Sirus) remarkably won’t spoiling the intense trauma for our grandchildren facing their own dilemma demise on doomsday repeated every two-hundred thousand circle.

No Cure For Apocalypse: