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Bastard The Sun (Bandcamp 2013)

Shares these Columbus, Ohio’s Denounce Your Martyr liking Periphery, The Human Abstract, Chelsea Grin or As Blood Runs Black as interested to some good shit around taco bell, dark souls or halo gaming to Bob Ross as the teaming-up personnel: Paul Bolin and Travis Johnson on guitars, Anthony Rocazella on bass, Zachary Laukhart and Cody Hampton on double vocals to Clinton Brown on drums is your newer six-piece Extreme Metal-Core crew originally, came from Westerville hanging out through this releasing ep record called The Dialectical Proposition as Humanity, The Abyss Walker, Artificial Progenitor admitting the five tracks allows the inspires connection to you within the personal songs and music of the destructive measurement coming in correct blaster like thus broken arts symbolization on the front cover.

The Dialectical Proposition: