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Barnacles Rustic Debris (Jagjaguwar 2007)

   Odawas is Michael James Tapscott’s project of Ambient darker taste of Folk-songs sang and performed by himself playing for keyboards, guitars, harmonica to dry-skin as contemporary harmonic for the short stories into cinematic movements with the helps by Jeff Moller, drummer Raphi Gottesman, Connor O’Sullivan for 12 strings guitar/baritone guitar and upright bass as well as Isaac Edwards for the patience keyboards within ears and beards over sounds and songs as the new adult around San Francisco or Bloomington as the developing for Neil Young-influences marking the advance soul-searching kinds of enlightenment written in self-conscious affections for arranging things in Raven and The White Night’s materials. Soften tunes, howling peaceful horns or strings force to ensures that the delivering for quietness kept in balance as the noises echoes deeply but sacred not bothering but mesmerizing shall approves the sanctity values carried through the progressive Indie-mingled Pop-Rock and Classical contemporaries via When God Was a Wicked Kid, Alleluia, Love is… (The Only Weapon with which I Got to Fight) onto Circus Song must be going on ensues the format given by this project not to sounded too pagan or Christian but gaining artistic beloved feelings to whom whoever catches the music by passion not suspiciously, Beware. 

Raven and The White Night: