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Balada Harian (Not On Label 2015)

   When the era changed fast and most of the newer stupid generation suckling commercialism never ever meet serious Folk-socio-values poet/lyrics heroes such as Leo Kristie can now shaking hands with the indie Folk duo from Surabaya in their harmonies acoustic and live music repeating those criticism lyrics about the daily social problems and issues around as Kharis Junandharu and Eki Tresnowening told the audience and listeners taken them to the inner problematic and that isn’t sweeter but honesty like it is as characters same to the most locals did everyday. Not faking from where they’re coming from or telling the shameful stories as shameless exploring their ideas and talents to make something expands like song writing, singing naturally and choosing acoustic than electric because of the lack on money to buy electric musical instrumentslead these long-haired duo to make their history starting as Silampukau (means the kepodang bird by Malays or Oriole) as full group helping by Rhesa Filbert (bass), Erwin B Saputra (drums) and Doni Setiohandono (accordion) as additional player covering the baritone vocals and harmony performance from the duet. Silampukau praying on their sixties and seventies atmosphere bringing them to the new millennium glass world of transparency as World Country and Folk ruling the record entitled of Dosa, Kota & Kenangan (that goes subjecting for Surabaya hometown through its sinful, developing and memories to the people living there).
   Great art-directions and more fabulous local heritage objects to shows and listen via the group’s efforts here within Bola Raya (related to kids playing soccer in the unnamed alleys and abandoned corner of the city), Puan Kelana – the journey of this lady escort somewhere and anywhere downtown, Bianglala that relates towards thus funfair traditional market; Lagu Rantau (Sambat Omah) or Doa 1 - the prayer lyrics and homesick feelings about families, Sang Juragan (or the boss) to Si Pelanggan (the customers) opening his pants already for quickie sex on legendary Dolly’s prostitution center or in queuing for the primadona live-hookers there with hundreds other men from bandits and pickpockets to the important people and company-profiling dick-heads.

Dosa, Kota & Kenangan: