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Azalee Lost Love (Listenable Records 2011)

   Orchestration ensembles in epic harmony opens the band from Paris, France’s debuting record release and yet, these Betraying The Martyrs crew sharing their same interests in tattoos, harder music and art of destruction as your infatuation blisters about growling vocals and double guitars to double vocals and Leicester connections might be not eventually, new – still Aaron Matts or keyboardist Victor Guillet, Valentin Hauser on four strings bass and behind drum-sets monster Boris Le Gal not compromising their roaring bursts musical as extreme as the combination from Djent Metal, Hardcore, positive Progressive Death Metal to whatever you can calling them as you wanted to. Surviving woman with her head out of the water promising the stronger aims believe to be taken positively by Breathe In Life blocking negativities and depression out for good or is it looks solid by beneath the thin subjective points lies objective feelings that spreads through-out your body as like Man Made Disaster, Leave It All Behind, Tapestry Of Me, Liberate Me Ex Inferis as giving the audience their own back-stabbing reason to fear in When You’re Alone. Ringing some more questions in your lives about is it true that Life Is Precious ?

Breathe In Life: