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Avalon Of Ghost (Nephin Records 2010)

   The importing Heavy Metal battle hymns and armgeddon tales of projecting harsh digest in order to tearing the skies or bleeding the lands over thus medieval-themes background as the County Mayo crew of Ireland called Steel Tormentor did their best for fully releasing the lot that crushing stereo in the compositions on vocalist/guitar both leads and rhythms by James Kelly, bass bashing played by Paul Newell, drummer man Kevin Ryder and Norman Rafter on lead guitars coming from the coast of the west parts of the island like a indigenous tribal war-party as traditional as modern fusion forms of slicing thick on powerful performance unleashing within the displaying of the flag of honor and loyalty as Return Of The King might not related to the Lords of The Ring sequel tales but further towards the time where glory build from conquering iron hands and vulgar display of enormous strength to fear the people but rules righteously or you will be murdered in quiet and being replaced. Not many people to trust as Evil Coming, Soul Stealer, Into The Black and Warrior (single edit) pushing the limits of eager trying or wait and dying choice only slightly being given to those whom live by the sword or under the sharpen blades knows best.

Thus high pitched clean vocals and solid force on metallic smashes shall forever prevails with the rulers name.

Return Of The King: