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Audrey Submerge (Cleopatra 1993)

   Members for the Columbus, Ohio-based of US Goth-Rock and Pop Alternative musical group consisting for Robert Brothers, Daniel C, James Tramel, Richard Witherspoon and Troy Payne with the past members like Steven Creighton or Mark Gamiere making this debut of cult Pop-Goth rocking album for Masked as the blackened faced figure with the breasts showing to public holding the worship of skull-head like the old rituals from secret organization you knew before and The Wake seems to becoming one of thus secret society band of their genres displaying the screaming baritone vocals of The Doors like tunes or monotone melodies and keyboards rules sound shows via Locomotive Age, Silent Siren, Nazarene, Harlot as well as Sheet Metal Eyes echoes infinity through the open air within the suburban legends and terrifying tales over the borders would go blaspheming everything your parents told you to respect in pay for lifetime but now ruined for good. Sliced and slits – no more questions asked !