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Astonish Antony ! (Marvel Music Inc. 2015)


   After his last attempts to serving his country in a secret mission with his beloved wife – scientist of S.H.I.E.L.D whom discovering the replicated technology suits which can go shrinking in little sized to penetrating behind enemy lines kind of weaponry equipment undetected dismantled an atomic bomb rocket but lose his wife whose sacrificing herself to get inside the rocket-launched targeting US soils and since that terrible day – Dr. Hank Pym decided to retiring from his activities for his country. Present day story begins with the end of Dr. Pym heroic days as Ant-Man trying to further more developing that technology and materials research on perfecting the shrink-suits for a small independent company which managed by his daughter Hope Van Dyne and the twisted protégé Darren Cross whose inventing his own yellowjacket suits and horrifies Pym whom decided to go separated ways finds redemption but fate has him a chance given to meet this ordinary thief/burglar specialist Scott Lang whose having a family lives break-up also separated to his daughter Cassie living with his former wife and jobless prison mate and friends Luis and the gang offering him a good target to make money by commits burglary entered some house and cracked the high-security alarms before finding an old motorcycle suit-kind of thing inside the vault used to be noticed having plenty cashes and obligations or anything sell-able in black market as Lang tried the suit and shrink himself to tiny size as terrified – putting back the suit into the house and got arrested.
   Smart super-hero story Ant-Man with many laughable moments and hilarious conversations will definitely makes you love this film as the character created by Marvel and the continuity actions never seems to get bored means Ant-Man successfully, learning how on earth the technology has been made possibly by Pym – whose offering him to help him fighting for justice, the quick-course live-practicing to controls the ability, the power, the tricks and the variant types of helping ants when Scott manage to act like one. Hearing about the plan of Cross to sell his technology to the highest buyer alerting Pym and Hope to asking Scott and his friends on stopping the madness as stealing stuff from Stark Industry warehouse, almost got eaten by giant ants due to his daily training and got his ass-kicked by Hope teaching him the self-defence leads the plan for entering Darren Cross company to steal the suit-protoype. Paul Rudd might be one good choice playing the Ant-Man as well as Christoph Beck sharing his works towards the (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) scoring songs instrumentally, lifting the imaginations for the following story of the movie itself funny scene after another and thus thrilling too with Into Hornet’s Nest, Honey I Shrunk Myself, Escape From Jail, Ant 247, Paraponera Clavata, San Francisco 1987, Tiny Telepathy and Signal Decoy which showing the best CGI techniques where Ant-Man must flying round with his troops of ants entering the sewer, the building-module, the bath-tube and fighting the bad guys, shrinking weird stuff and saving his friends in the end. You will love the combinations off the movie and the good soundtrack with various artists like Camilo Azuquita or Roy Ayers and Commodores lending their songs too for giving Scott the positive energy to be succeeded on his first superhero mission !